Gail Nicholson, MA, LPC, Personal and Career Counseling


Collaborative Divorce Coaching

In my career as a counselor I’ve heard many stories about the negative impact of divorce. In some families, conflicts between parents and children can linger for years, affecting the next generation. Legal battles add to the conflict, impairing the couple’s ability to reach an amicable and fair resolution for all concerned.

Collaborative Divorce offers support, information and a structured process that helps minimize conflict and allows you to reach mutually agreeable solutions. The hallmark of collaborative divorce is the “Participation Agreement” that is signed in the beginning and states that the parties will reach a settlement outside of the court. A team of professionals, including Divorce Coaches, Family Lawyers, Child Specialists and Financial Specialists, is available to guide you and your family through the process.

Professional Support Makes a Difference

As a Collaborative Divorce Coach, I talk with people who are beginning to think about divorce, in the middle of divorce, or working to build a new life after settlement. In my role as your coach, I help you set goals for your future, stay on track with the collaborative process and coordinate with your attorney and the rest of the team. I provide supportive counseling as you experience the intense and complicated emotions associated with divorce. We work together to identify ways to improve communication with your spouse, solve problems, articulate your needs and wants, and resolve conflicts. In short, I help you consider your future and achieve the goals you have defined for your divorce process and ongoing relationships with your children and former spouse.

A New Career is Possible

I often bring my career development background to my role as a divorce coach, assisting women and mothers who need a plan for re-entering or increasing involvement in the workplace. In addition to providing my client with direction, motivation, and structure as they move forward, having a career plan is useful in determining spousal support. Working holistically, my goal is to honor my client and the family’s need for continuity, new connections and additional income, foster healthy long-term relationships if desired and make a challenging process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

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