For New Clients

What to expect in a first meeting

At our first meeting together, we'll explore what's motivating you to see a personal and career counselor at this time in your life and career. We'll talk about some goals and timelines for the work you want to do in your personal world and work life, and what you looking for and hoping to get out of our sessions. We'll examine your complaint—the business/job search issues that are stumping you—in detail. What's between you and meaningful work that pays the bills? Are you having a values conflict with your employer? Relevant background on any of this that you want to share? Personal or psychological issues you'd like to address that seem or be complicating things? Overwhelmed, somewhat fearful of it all at times? (Most of us need to manage some degree of overwhelm during a major or seemingly minor transition.)

Perhaps you've already begin to think about the possible paths you could take and what your goals for counseling might be. Considering separation, separated, divorcing and need/want to reenter the workplace? Wondering about going back to school or a certificate program at the community college, and what you'd study? Circling whether to start a small business? Having trouble with so much uncertainty? (You're not alone!) Do you want to learn to be more positive about yourself and others and increase your confidence?

Let's talk about where you are now, why you're interested in personal and career counseling, and make a plan that will cover your needs and move you forward.


Professional Disclosure Statement / Consent to Treatment
If you'd like to download and print the professional disclosure statement and fill it in before our first meeting, that will save us a little time. Otherwise, I will have a copy for you at the office.

“Dealing Successfully with Personal Transition” by William Bridges
Most clients get a lot out of reading William Bridges’ article, a positive way to think about your transition. Feel free to read and reread it at any time.  


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