• Are you longing for a sense of direction in your life and career that means something to you, a purpose in worklife that is compatible with your partner, family and lifestyle?

  • Job stress got you curious about your options, but not sure it's time to leave? Would you like to handle your boss or difficult co-worker better? Develop better self-care and boundaries?

  • Time to review and define the options at your current job, strategize about next steps internally as well as consider external possibilities?

  • Need a values-based career coach to help you develop leads, get interviews and land a job in today's competitive marketplace?

  • Seeking alternatives to conventional employment, including small business ownership, social/impact entrepreneurism and patchwork careers?

  • Wondering if it's worth it to go back to school? Post-graduation plans unclear?

  • Going through a divorce, or experiencing a personal/psychological challenge that makes approaching any of these questions more difficult?

  • Want to enhance your social life, and not feel so isolated or lonely?

  • Looking for help for a family member struggling with personal and career issues?



I’m a licensed counselor in private practice with over 35 years of experience in counseling and therapy, career and life planning, academic advising and small business development in Portland, Oregon. I also provide collaborative divorce coaching and mediation services, train LPC interns and write.

I offer a blend of personal and career counseling to help you navigate the challenges of life and worklife transition and explore new possibilities. My passion is helping you reach a deeper understanding of who you are and where you belong in the larger community and working world—to find that place where you believe in the mission of your organization, identify with what you do there, connect well with those around you and earn a decent living. 

My approach to counseling is values-based and client-centered.

As a counselor and therapist, I work with clients to identify and observe patterns in their lives, to reframe stuck places and face fears, to explore barriers to self-knowing and taking action. It's amazing what you can address when you feel safe. Even chronic issues can be helped by a more detailed understanding of self and a caring and compassionate inner response. We focus on fostering strengths and problem-solving abilities, on elevating self-esteem, on cultivating creativity, health and spirituality, and on finding and enhancing meaningful relationships with partners, family, friends and co-workers to build and rebuild community and nature.

As a career counselor, I offer clients a framework for understanding the developmental stages of life and career transition. I provide in-depth assessments and coaching to help you identify and begin to explore career options that are a good match for you. We can define and address next steps to manage your career trajectory whether you plan to stay with your current employer or want to explore options externally. Together we address barriers to finding meaningful direction, including internal conflicts, personal issues or relationship concerns, and design a job search approach that draws on your strengths and personality. Writing resumes, interviewing, networking, educational planning and vocational training are all covered as we take steps to ensure your future satisfaction and success. Developing a small business and/or patchwork career is supported whenever possible. Special training is available for introverts on making networking tolerable and even pleasant.

As a collaborative divorce coach and vocational expert, I work with men and women to develop a plan for re-entering or enhancing involvement in the workplace before separation, or during or after a divorce.  I coordinate with my client's collaborative attorneys and mediators to provide a peaceful, amicable process to resolving marital issues out of court. I am a member of Bridges Collaborative Divorce Solutions, a group of lawyers, coaches and financial professionals who help people divorce amicably and out of court.


Please call or email me to set up a free phone consultation or schedule your first appointment.