Thinking in Opposites for Social Innovation

What is a social or impact entrepreneur you ask?  They are people who apply existing or bring new business models to bear on social and environmental issues once seen as the sole territory of non-profits.  The possible pathways for this potent mix of business tools and dedication to a cause to unfold are unlimited, wildly creative and not always predictable.

Perfectionism: Mapping the Vast Interior Part III / Going West

For Native Americans and like-minded, like spirited practitioners, each direction has a special meaning.  In Part III, we look West, where the sun sets and the day miraculously ends.  The West signifies endings and by tapping into the teachings of the West, we find ourselves in a prime position to let go of what no longer matters, is unfulfilling or unsupportive.

Perfectionism: Mapping the Vast Interior Part I / Facing East

How do we keep perspective? How can we change the way we are in relationship to these desires to uplift ourselves and others and still enjoy the process of creation?  By doing so, we may avoid suffering and confusion or lost years of indecisiveness because we want everything to be perfect and things aren’t always perfect.

Moms and Dads don’t give up on your other career dreams!

As a divorce coach and vocational expert in collaborative and mediated cases that are settled out of court, I have the privilege of supporting moms and dads needing to go back to work, as a result of their divorce. Typically the stay at home spouse has spent several years, often more than fifteen, out of the workplace.

“How may I help?” Focus your call to service by creating work from inner meaning

Many people I talk with want careers helping others, but don’t know what to do exactly. It’s a frustrating puzzle; the desire is there without a clear focus. There may even be deep angst over a lost sense of meaning in life that will only be restored if one’s cause is revealed. Whether you have a vague notion or half-baked idea, this is how the journey to define purpose usually begins.

The Myth of the Big Thing (Notes from the field)

Shortly after I began career counseling, with the intent of helping people create a deeper, more satisfying direction in their work lives, I noticed a pattern. My clients were not expecting the need for anything beyond a bit of career testing, my expert advise and a new resume. The need for a transition process had not occurred to them.

Collaborative Approach to Divorce Empowers Stay-at-Home Spouse Re-Entering the Workplace

Increasingly in recent years, couples seeking an amicable divorce have chosen mediation as a way to avoid a nasty escalation into an expensive, attorney driven legal battle. This works for many families. However, anecdotal research shows that other folks still want more than a neutral mediator; an advocate in their corner.

What is Social Entrepreneurism?

Career counseling clients looking to work for a values/community-based organization and earn a decent living are often stumped. They think they must choose between a non-profit whose mission they believe in and not make any money, or sell out their values to earn a better wage. When I’ve asked folks over the past few months if they knew about social entrepreneurism, a hybrid of business and non-profit zeal for social, economic and environmental change, all but one said “no.”