Why I Love My Laundry Routine: The Marvels of Creating Structure, Part 2


Welcome back to Part 2 of my blog on helping yourself succeed by creating a little structure. (see Part 1)  Whether you are conducting a job search, navigating a major life and career transition or striving for more life work balance, organizing around priorities makes all the difference.

Find your own rhythm and style as you plan and tackle tasks that support you to be your best.  Experiment with regular ways to begin and end your day.  Giving things a consistent place in your schedule eliminates the number of decisions you make on a daily basis and opens up space in your brain for higher-level thinking.  Eliminate that out of control feeling or the stress of trying to please others.  Putting yourself in charge of divvying up what needs to be done and when-instead of relying on others for direction is life changing.  It’s like becoming your own boss.

What follows are a few more tips for managing the feeling of overwhelm that often accompanies change:

  • Multi-tasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It keeps us from a level of absorption in our endeavors that can lead to a finer level of understanding and execution. Resist the pressure to be everywhere at once.

  • Practice finishing one task before moving on to another. The elusive feeling of “flow” can be felt as we hold ourselves to complete what needs to be done first before jumping into things further down the priority list.

  • Personal boundaries are required to keep our time our time. Time is a basic ingredient in any accomplishment. Learn 50 ways to say “no” politely to any kind of request.

  • Use your planner and calendar to clarify for yourself and others when you are available and when you’ll be pursuing your own agenda. Don’t worry about having to repeat yourself and train people to alter their expectations of when they can reach you.

  • Research and identify existing organizations to get support for what you’re trying to do. Connect with others who share your interests for encouragement and technical advice. Learning when and where yoga for beginners is available might get you there on a regular basis.

  • Experience the inner validation and strength that comes from being listened to and acknowledged as you share your dreams. See your ability to prioritize improve as a result.

  • Debunk the myth that folks make these sorts of changes by themselves. Find people to help hold you accountable and pick them with care. In the end you may find yourself with a few nurturing, practical and very resourceful friends.

  • Dwell in your new feeling of self-empowerment as you discover the freedom and ability to do what matters, when it matters.

The ability to set a goal and develop a way to accomplish it with plans, organization and routines can extend beyond your individual needs to those of any group.  As you gain skill and confidence in your ability to make the right things happen, consider the needs of those around you.  What leadership can you lend to get something going in your community?  What issues would you like to address and perhaps solve with a new business idea, community action plan or neighborhood project?

So why do I love my laundry routine?  I love it because there are no worries or wondering about when it’s going to get done.  Those decisions have been made—it’s off my plate to have to think about and I can focus on other more creative projects.  These days it seems to happen almost automatically and then it’s done!  And I have a most rewarding experience—clean socks.

Postscript:  For fun I thought I’d pass along my #1 Laundry Tip

Avoid the dryer whenever possible.  It takes the color, life and elastic out of your clothes.  Use cold water and then hang your delicates and regular items on a hanger or wooden rack to dry and extend the life of what makes you presentable by a decade or more.